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- Plantations shaped Hawaii politically, culturally and geographically. How will the next hundred years be shaped? 

- Bananas don't grow on trees. The plant is actually a giant herb.

Ed Kenney says, "Fuck, I don't think we made a difference."

- Why McDonald's Hawaii has the only fried apple pies in the country: "It's not so simple you can do fried pies again."

Kunoa’s cattle are really a means to an end, like Sun Yet-sen's brother's more than a century ago.

- If I had a signature plant, it might be Love Lies Bleeding.​

- "Wherever you live is your country, but never forget where you’re born." Restaurants by the Islamic community in O‘ahu, serving Uzbek to Italian cuisines.

- Hawaii sells. But for his first restaurant in Tokyo, Andrew Le is resisting Hawaii-fication.

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